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Our plastic surgeons provide safe, professional plastic surgery for a fair fee. Plastic surgery, however, can still be expensive; and we work with our patients to provide payment options. If you decide to have plastic surgery with us, we will outline the best options available to you.


Will my insurance cover my surgery?

This is a highly individualized matter. Some cosmetic procedures are covered under medical insurance; some are not. It depends on what type of procedure you want and what type of health insurance you have.

Amin Plastic surgery’s support staff can help you determine if your cosmetic surgery procedure is covered by your insurance.


What if I need help paying?

Patient financing is available through many third-party companies. Our staff can help point you in the right direction during your initial consultation.

Patient financing options really require a meeting in which we can discuss your specific situation. The staff at Amin Plastic surgery has helped many patients finance their surgeries – and it’s often easier than you’d think!