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Breast Surgery

Perfect well-developed figureThere is no reason for any woman to ever be unsatisfied with the appearance of her breasts. Beautiful breasts increase a woman’s overall happiness, confidence and feelings of femininity. No matter what you dislike about the appearance of your breasts, the doctors at Amin Plastic Surgery have a variety of techniques and procedures available to help.

The most common candidates for breast surgery are women whose breasts have lost their shape due to either age or pregnancy. In both cases, the breast sags, and loses its youthful firmness. Other candidates for breast surgery are women who are unhappy with their current breast size; they want breasts that are either larger or smaller.

There are four basic categories of breast surgery:

Breast enlargement surgery enhances the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. It is also used to create proper symmetry between two differently sized breasts. The most common candidates for breast enlargement are women who want larger breasts and women whose breasts have changed shape after pregnancy.

The actual surgical procedure involves the insertion of saline implants or gel implants. There are several incision locations, and the type of implant and physiology of the patient determine which way is best. The three most common areas of incision are under the breast, around the nipple area and in the armpit area.

Breast enlargement surgery is an outpatient procedure. Our breast augmentation patients have the option to spend the night in The Hampton Inn next door to our Surgical Center.

One of our experienced doctors will work with you during your personal consultation to help determine what type of breast enlargement procedure is best for you. Before surgery ever starts, your plastic surgeon will provide you with a realistic, straightforward idea as to what results you can expect.

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Very large breasts can cause many back, skin, and orthopedic problems. For some women, very large breasts also cause self-consciousness. Sports and other physical activities can also be hindered.

Breast reduction surgery can alleviate all of these problems. The technical name is “reduction mammoplasty,” and the procedure involves the removal of tissue, fat, and skin from inside the breast through an incision made around the areola and below the areola. The final result is a smaller breast. Great care is taken to ensure the new breast appears natural.

Before the surgery, in addition to all pre-surgery consultation, you will also be given a mammogram. After the surgery, you may elect to stay at The Hampton Inn next door to our surgery center. Breast reduction surgery is an out-patient procedure, however, and some patients decide to return home after the surgery.

Breast reduction is an invasive surgery, so naturally you’ll have to plan for some recovery time. Typically, you’ll wear a surgical bra for about three weeks, during which you will gradually resume normal activities. You will have visible scars anywhere from six to eighteen months, but the satisfaction of smaller breasts will last a lifetime!

Back problems improve, breathing problems decrease, and normal physical activities become possible – if you suffer medical problems due to very large breasts, please contact Melissa today!

Breast lift surgery is just that – surgery to lift a woman’s breasts. Pregnancy, nursing, and age are the three most common causes of sagging breasts.

The procedure starts with an incision made around the areola.  Depending on how much of a lift is needed, additional incisions can be made below the areola.  Excess skin is removed, and the underlying breast tissue is lifted. The areola is placed in a higher position. In some cases, women will also want augmentation where a saline or gel implant can be used to help shape and enlarge the breast.  However, breast lifts do not typically require implants of any kind.

The end result is firmer, higher, younger-looking breasts. In the majority of cases, any scarring is minimal, and can be concealed. Additionally, a breast lift does not always affect breast function. The procedure may result in some loss of sensation, but not always. During your initial consultation, our doctors will be able to more accurately describe the specific results you should expect.

Recovery time is typically three to five weeks. During recovery, your breasts will be sore, and you will be more lethargic than usual. Most patients take one week off from work and social activities in order to rest.

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Breast reconstruction is generally for women who are missing, or have lost, a breast. The most common candidates for breast reconstruction surgery are women who have lost a breast due to cancer.

Time is of the essence in this procedure, and typically the process must begin shortly after receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Breast reconstruction is complicated. The techniques used vary greatly among individuals. Only after a personal consultation can our doctors properly inform you about which techniques will benefit you most. However, here are some general categories of breast reconstruction techniques:

Tissue expander

A device placed under the muscle and skin. This device is gradually filled with saline, expanding this tissue where the missing breast once was. Once the correct size of the new breast is achieved, the expander is removed and a saline or gel implant is inserted.

Flap Reconstruction

In this procedure, surgeons can actually remove skin and tissue from elsewhere on your body – such as your belly or back – and re-shape that tissue into a natural-looking breast. Usually, there is no need for an implant. Flap reconstruction is as much an art as it is a science, and you want a very experienced surgeon, like those at Amin Plastic Surgery.

From augmentation, to re-shaping, to reduction, our plastic surgeons are able to help you achieve the look you desire. In the majority of cases, breast surgery leaves no visible scar, and the patients achieve the results they desire. Breast surgery is largely subjective – the procedures used are determined by the patient’s individual shape and size. Thus, the most accurate information as to what procedures are right for you can only be obtained from a personal consultation. If you’re considering any breast surgery, please contact Amin Plastic Surgery. On of our experienced plastic surgeons will be happy to meet with you for a personal consultation.


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