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Thigh Lift

Beautiful fit topless womanThere are two surgical procedures that can be performed on the thigh. The first is liposuction, which removes fat from within the thigh. The second is the thigh lift surgery. This procedure tightens the skin of the thigh. Sagging, wrinkles, and the appearance of cellulite in both the inner and outer thigh are noticeably reduced, if not eliminated altogether.

The ideal candidate is a patient who has loose or flabby skin in either the inner or outer thigh area. This can happen often as the result of pregnancy, aging, or significant weight loss. People with large deposits of fat in their thighs will not benefit from a thigh lift alone. The fat must first be eliminated via liposuction. Our plastic surgeons will not perform liposuction and a thigh lift at the same time. For patient safety, there must be an interim period of several months between the two procedures.

In a thigh lift, a small incision is made in the groin crease. The incision allows the thigh skin to be pulled back and tightened. Once healed, the incision will be very difficult to see, and the thighs will be taunt and firm. Thigh lifts are straightforward, simple procedures, and many of our patients are extremely happy with the results.


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