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Chemical Peel

Icon_Facelift_PageThe older we get the more difficult it is for our skin cells to shed their old, dead skin cells. This will give skin the appearance of being dull or wrinkled. A chemical peel is a great cosmetic and nonsurgical way to peel off the topmost layer of skin to improve upon the appearance of skin. By evening out the color and texture of your skin the doctors at Amin Bastidas can help you regain a younger and more healthy look.

When a strong, medium depth peel is needed, a TCA is often used. This peel will help treat wrinkles, blemishes and differences in skin pigment. The TCA peel can also be applied to other parts of the body beyond the face which have been exposed to the sun. One particular application where TCA peels are often preferred is spot treatment around the eyes. With it’s reduced bleaching effect compared to other solutions, TCA is particularly useful. In some cases this has also led to TCA being quite effective in treating patients with naturally darker skin. The milder TCA treatment can be repeated frequently.
For treatment of severe wrinkles, sun damage and uneven skin tone a deep peel such as phenol is often recommended. A phenol peel can even be used to treat vertical age lines around the mouth. Unlike other peels, deep peels do take longer to perform and will require special care from the patient afterward. The doctors at Amin Bastidas can recommend specific ointments to protect the skin after a deep peel. Unlike the TCA treatment, phenol can have a significant bleaching effect which will require makeup to match with adjoining skin. Phenol can only be applied to the face, not other parts of the body.