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Nose Surgery

botox treatmentRhinoplasty is any procedure performed to reshape the nose. Our plastic surgeons can enlarge the nose or make it smaller, augment or realign the nose bridge and tip, correcting most types of injuries and birth defects.

The overall idea is to sculpt your nose so that it fits in well with your other facial features. Often, a patient wants a rhinoplasty procedure because their nose does not blend in with their face. Patients might feel their nose is too big, too crooked, etc.

The vast majority of procedures are conducted through the nostrils – so there are never any visible scars. Sometimes, an “open nose” procedure must be done. This means a small incision is made, usually directly underneath where the nostril bridge touches the face.

Recovery time takes anywhere from one to three weeks. Most patients take about one week off from work and social activities. There will be some initial soreness and swelling, but in a few weeks your nose will be fully functional and pleasing. Most patients find that rhinoplasty improves the appearance of their entire face and are extremely happy with the results!

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