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Skin Care

botox treatmentYour skin is your body’s largest organ. Your skin is a reflection – a reflection of your health, and a reflection of your inner beauty. However, if your skin is wrinkled, scarred, or damaged it can be difficult to face that world. Fortunately, the doctors at Amin Plastic Surgery can help heal and repair most skin problems.

Amin Plastic Surgery offers a variety of skin care procedures that improve the overall aesthetics of your skin. These procedures include:

Facials are surface treatments for the skin which can be used to remove damaged skin cells, soften the skin, and help to provide a youthful appearance. Different procedures will be required depending on the results that you need. For example some topical treatments will perform better at healing acne scars, while others will enhance the illumination of your skin.

A chemical peel helps your body to remove unneeded and dead skin cells, revealing tighter and younger skin. This regenerated skin layer will provide a smoother surface with less wrinkles than the old skin layer. There are a variety of chemical peels, and you should always choose the proper procedure to achieve your beauty goals.

Using laser pulses to remove the outermost cells on the surface of your skin, our doctors can greatly decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles on your face– up to 75%! After the new surface area skin cells grow, they are softer, wrinkle free, and younger looking.

The lasers not only exfoliate your skin, they can also tighten the collagen fibers that are the key to skin’s elasticity. The process does not affect the deeper layers of the skin and is a great way to fix abnormalities, such as acne scarring and pigmented lesions.

There are different lasers available that vary according to their wavelength and pulse duration. Each laser can deliver a different result by increasing the depth of skin cells that it affects. These differences can decrease/increase the likelihood of whether surrounding tissue will be affected.

Although laser resurfacing is fairly painless, it can cause post-procedure side effects. The most common side effects are redness, irritation, swelling, flaking, and itching. In about 1% of laser skin resurfacing patients, scarring or infections have occurred. During the healing process, patients need to stay out of the sun.

The best candidates for this procedure are patients with light skin pigmentation. Patients with darker pigmentation can experience side effects in the form hyperpigmentation or depigmentation of their skin tone.

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Time can ravage your skin, making you appear older than you should. Amin Plastic Surgery offers a variety of procedures to help. You can look as young and healthy as you feel! Skin care procedures are relatively quick and painless – please contact us to schedule a consultation.


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