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Examining Plastic Surgery Risks

All surgery implies inherent risks, and plastic surgery is no exception. Most plastic surgery risks are due to the patient’s overall health. Poor health leads to an increase of complications.

Aside from patient health, the second most common cause of complications during surgery is medical error. Fortunately, a significant amount of risk is reduced when you undergo surgery at the Amin Plastic Surgery Center. Since our doctors operate out of our private center, they are able to control surgical conditions in a way that other surgeons can’t. Our plastic surgeons have professional, reliable staff with whom they have worked with for years. The technical equipment at Amin Plastic surgery is used only for our procedures, and is maintained under the guidance of our experienced plastic surgeons.

Next door to the center is The Hampton Inn. Patients have the option to spend the night following their surgeries. Since it is next to the center, your plastic surgeon and their staff is available around-the-clock during your initial night of recovery.

Before your surgery, our doctors will be happy to consult with you and explain all of the risks associated with your potential surgery in a clear, straightforward manner. Contact us today!