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How to Prepare for Your Procedure

The first item you will need to plan for is the recovery time. Depending on your procedure, recovery time can take several weeks. During recovery, most patients find themselves a bit self-conscious. They typically take some time off from work and from social interactions.

The second item to plan for before a plastic surgery is finances. Health insurance pays for some procedures, but may not cover your cosmetic surgery. We will help you find the best option. If insurance will not cover your procedure, we will help you figure out other forms of financing. Third-party medical financing companies have helped lots of people afford all types of plastic surgeries.

Finally, seek support from friends and family. Many people keep their plastic surgery quiet. However, it is good idea to have at least one person who is able to help you during recovery. For at least the first few days following surgery, you will be tired, sore, and groggy.

Ideally, your plastic surgery will be natural enough that you will be ecstatic about the results, and will want to tell other people about it, but be sure to enlist one or two people to help you get back on your feet.

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